Saturday, August 13, 2005

A brief intermission

But before I get back to talking about games, a brief blogroll for my brother. He's blogging his trip to Europe with his pipe band, and it's great fun to read about.

Annoyingly enough, even with all the typos, it's fairly obvious which of us is the better writer. :)

The Road Less Traveled

Friday, August 12, 2005

The sleeper wakes

Long dormant, I rise from my slumber...

Not really. I've just been busy doing various things other than blogging. Although I must say I've been better at this than at any diary I've ever kept. I think I work better with a keyboard than with paper. Plus, being able to get to it from anywhere helps.

The main problem is that I have either nothing to write about, or far too much. I'm not interesting in creating an E/N livejournal sort of thing, so blogging about the various events in my life holds no interest for me.

So I need a topic... and it's games. The theory and design of them, and what makes for goodness in gaming. I'm going to try to get out some of my own thoughts, and then work on reacting to some of the things I am reading on game design.

Next up: switches and dials.