Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moving (back) to Mac

So my work laptop died. It wasn't a particularly surprising death - the signs were there if you chose to look for them, and I've reached the stage in life where I've dealt with this before, so the grieving process is familiar now. Did I say grieving? I think I meant backing up re-installing.

I did decide to make it significantly more complicated this time, as I'm changing platforms. After 10 years away, I'm going back to using a Mac as my work machine. I took a hard look at my options, and decided that I want to be compatible with the development teams I'm working with, and the best tools for doing the kind of work I am doing (e-business architecture) are Mac tools - Omnifocus and Omnigraffle are on my short list.

Also, it seems that while I have been away the maddening process of managing extensions has been done away with, what with the switch to Unix under the hood.

I'm a bit apprehensive - I'll be learning new UI conventions, figuring out which open source software is the best, and lugging around a much heavier laptop.

I'm also excited - I love learning new things, and I'm really looking forward to getting back to Mac.

Wish me luck.