Saturday, December 19, 2009

Upgrading my web presence.

Yes, I registered, yay for personal branding on the Internet. 

I'm working on the blog. I am not entirely sure that I need a new blog, and I still have it in the lunarpages equivalent of the basement workshop, trying to figure out how to get it configured the way I want. But I am liking Wordpress, and things look promising - a lot more control than Blogger offers, with concomitant risk of b0rking your install and having to start over. 

Once I get it presentable, I need to move all of my historical posts over there. Assuming I don't break it again and have to start over. 

But the work is underway. 

Also to come: some kind of home page. And a wiki, ideally Confluence - 10-user licenses are $10. 

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Saqib Ali said...

Hi Kevin,

If you are looking for a new blog host, checkout I was on for the longest time, but became a convert once the saw AJAX UI in squarespace.

Say hi to Christina! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.