Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Scoreboard updates

Things are looking up. The Twins are 4 games up in the wild card, a game and a half behind the Tigers for the Central, and leading the BoSox 6-nothing as I type this. Odds of making the postseason are up to 95%, saith Baseball Prospectus.

And the race for the Senate is looking up. Latest polls have a 50-50 split, and with the way the wind is blowing, I am hoping for a change.


nihilix said...

Ahh, electoral-vote. Those were the days.

Of course, he called it for Kerry. Oops!

Of course, Diebold votes Republican. Nice how that works.

Kevin said...

electoral-vote is handicapped by working with poll data. It's a pretty good indicator, but not perfect. And I think that barring the heavy-handed manipulation of the vote, which may have extended to actual manipulation of the machines, he'd have been right.

Man, I wish he'd been right.