Saturday, September 09, 2006

Scoreboard-watching, in two ways.

It's the time of year when I watch the scoreboards, in two ways. Why do I think in twos? Dunno.

The first kind of scoreboard-watching is baseball. My Twins are currently embroiled in a fight for the postseason. As I write this, they're a half-game ahead in the wild card race and four back in the division race. The statheads (my peeps) at Baseball Prospectus have them at a 65% chance of making the postseason. So I'm watching the scoreboard, not just to see how well they do, but also the other teams they're competing against.

The second kind is electoral. The Votemaster has returned, and is back in action. As an unabashed Democrat, I'd really like it if we could get control of the Senate away from the Reptiles. Sadly, his projections for control of the Senate are not as rosy as the Twins' chances of making the postseason.

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