Monday, January 07, 2008

More fun with new web stuff

Facebook is interesting. I find the vast majority of the apps to be completely uninteresting -- my desire to "poke" on Facebook is very, very low -- but there is some really neat stuff going on with information-sharing apps like Visual Bookshelf.

Although the people who designed the UI for Visual Bookshelf should have their fingers broken. Okay, that's a bit harsh. They should, however, have it explained to them that HTML resizing of images is a really bad idea, and that book covers, which have words on them, should not be resized down into unreadability.

I also stumbled upon (or rather was sent a link to) Plaxo, which I am liking a bit more than FB. I have been a LinkedIn user for a couple of years now, and Plaxo is closer to that, with a more profesionally designed UI. Plaxo also lets me separate my profile between personal, family and professional segments, which lets me give my relatives my home address and phone number without sharing it will all of my business contacts.


Tim said...

Brainiac - I'm glad you like Visual Bookshelf! I wanted to follow up on one of your comments. If you desire, you can go to the "settings" link within the application and choose from a large or small picture setting. As far as the UI, our splinted fingers are rapidly working on some future enhancements :)

Visual Bookshelf Team

Brainiac4 said...

Thanks, Tim. The Internet, it works!

Choosing bigger pictures doesn't seem to change the size of the displayed items for me. I'm getting 6 across, which seems wrong. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong... maybe it's just that I am using the facebook app alone?

Where would I go to provide feedback on such things?

And sorry about the "breaking fingers" crack. It's just me being me. :)