Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Visual Bookshelf

I like VB. But as noted below, I'm finding the UI a bit clunky. I did get feedback from Tim at Visual Bookshelf (perhaps Tim O'Shaughnessy from Hungry Machine?), who gently pointed out that I could choose larger images. He was even good-natured about my expressed desire that the team have their phalanges smashed. :) I'm not able to make the change work for me, though, which is a bit frustrating. The screenshot on the VB page at Facebook (linked in the title of this post) shows a somewhat different UI than I get. Not sure if that's something to do with FireFox, or if the screenshot was a mockup or earlier version that's different from the current code.

I just wish I could use all of this 22" monitor, I guess. :)

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